Not Being Alone In Loneliness: Understanding Millennial Loneliness through Faith & Community
Millennials are called the loneliest generation and in cities like DC, it can be really hard to make friends and be in community with others in meaningful ways. We’re doing to discuss this phenomenon and see how we can glean wisdom about companionship and friendships from our faith traditions and how we need to think more expansively about how we gather when young people don’t look to traditional religious institutions for community or relationships anymore.

How to Talk Climate: Using data and our faith traditions to become climate communicators
Come learn data-driven tips for how to communicate the urgency of our climate crisis through a faith lens. We’ll focus on learning from each other about the rich lessons that different faith traditions have to offer. By the time we’re done, you’ll be a confident faithful climate communicator!
Fresh Approaches to Understanding Religious Identity
America is becoming increasingly religiously diverse—and for no group is this more true than America’s youth. What do these trends mean for our ability to live peacefully and justly with our deepest differences? How can fresh approaches to understanding religious identity help us build bridges across differences and create a more compassionate society?
First Name Basis: Forming Friendships with the Marginalized
When we seek out friendships with those most vulnerable to oppression, we stand up and speak out more passionately, and vow to create change. How do we form such friendships? We will explore ways to reach out warmly to those society as a whole would prefer to ignore, specifically highlighting how exchanging names in friendship eliminates the perception of barriers between individuals.