In darkness, we are a light. Together we shine.

Subscribe now and shine with IFC.

Introducing IFC Shines– a new monthly giving plan and opportunity to be a part of a brighter tomorrow. By supporting IFC’s interfaith programming year-round, you are investing in a stronger community that is looking towards a future built on diversity and that celebrates share values as well as the unique contributions only you can make.

As a Shine Subscriber, you receive exclusive benefits and special access and discounts to IFC programs- an opportunity to be involved and engaged with this community in a new and deeper way. Enroll now and your automatic monthly gift will start supporting interfaith work in the DC metropolitan area today and you will begin receiving the benefits of being a part of the IFC Shine subscriber community.

IFC relies on the generous support of the people like you who show up and support IFC’s many programs. Simply put, we cannot be a light in the community without your help. You are the light that helps us continue to be a beacon of light and hope in the community. IFC Shines is an opportunity for individuals like you in the IFC community to express an investment in IFC’s mission and contribute in a meaningful way to sustaining the work of the interfaith council beyond single event or program support.  You are a crucial part of IFC’s work and we want to recognize and celebrate the way you help us shine. 

How Will You Shine with IFC?

Spark Level- $7

Light Level -$12

Blaze Level- $21

Glow Level- $36

Radiate Level- $50

Illuminate Level- $101