Articles about IFC

Interfaith Week Seeks Common Ground
GW Today, April 25th, 2024

Unity Walk brings people from different faiths together
Catholic Standard, September 12, 2023

Unity Walk goes virtual in 2020 to bring different faiths together during pandemic
Catholic Standard, September 18, 2020

Unity Walk Highlights DC’s Different Faiths
Channel 4 News, September 8, 2019

Annual Unity Walk reminds people ‘we are intended to live in harmony,’ Archbishop Gregory says
Catholic Standard, September 9, 2019

Clark Lobenstine had a pioneering concept of interfaith. Can it survive?
Washington Post, December 7, 2018

Profiles of Women Who Make a Difference: Symi Rom-Rymer
URI, March 2018

How Communities of Faith are Organizing Against Hate
WAMU, Interfaith Voices, March 2018

Unity Walk brings different faith communities together
Catholic Standard, September, 2017

GALLAUDET STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN 2017 INTERFAITH UNITY WALK Gallaudet University Newspaper, September, 2017

Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus Walk for Unity
Voice of America, September, 2017

Comunidades religiosas se unen contra el odio
Voice of America, August 2017

WIROC Rapid Response
Washington Post, May 9, 2017

Our Muslim Sisters and Brothers Must be Engaged not Marginalized
Washington Post, March, 2017

InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington urges community to show care for neighbor
Catholic Standard, February, 2017

Unity Walk on 9/11 acts as ‘symbol of the positive power that faith has to bring people together’
Catholic Standard, September, 2016

Unity walk brings faith communities together on anniversary of 9/11 attacks
WTOP, September, 2016

Concert in Washington Seeks to Unite Faiths in Divisive Times
VOA, November, 2015


IFC Statements

IFC Statement on the Violence in Israel and Gaza
October 11, 2023

IFC Statement on Rise in Anti-Semitism
May 27, 2021

IFC Statement on New Zealand Mosque Tragedy
March 15, 2019

IFC Statement of Condolence to Local Muslim Community
June 20, 2017

2017 Interfaith Vision for Our Community



IFC Named Finalist in 2020 Civvy Awards (American Civic Collaborations Awards)

FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award 2017