The IFC is deeply saddened and concerned by the horrific violence in Israel and Gaza, the effects of which reverberate around the world, including here in our own Washington, DC, area community. The acts of terror by Hamas in Israel have left our Jewish community and all of us devastated. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has left our Muslim community and all of us devastated. The perpetuation of conflict in the region and resulting loss of innocent Palestinian and Israeli lives are a profound source of pain for our entire community. We will continue to join forces across faith communities in this region to bridge divides, counter hate, and promote understanding and cooperation. We encourage all in our community to courageously reach out across lines of difference and disagreement, to stand with each other against any acts of terror and hate–particularly antisemitism and Islamophobia, which often increase when the conflict in the Middle East escalates. We pray that the pain we feel may be transformed by the actions we take to work together for peace and for the common good of all people.