We’re getting excited for Day of Unity 2020!

The Day of Unity (DOU) is an annual, coordinated day of local, grassroots action and community building around the DC metro area. It is an opportunity for people of different faiths, or of no faith, to come together and create an event at the local level. The event could be anything from a meal, to a dialogue, to a community project, to a shared worship service or any other activity that brings people together across faith traditions.  This year, the DOU will be on Sunday, May 3rd.

Examples of past Day of Unity events include, interfaith dinner dialogues, building homes for vulnerable populations, shared worship, environmental programming, and interfaith Iftars. You can see our full list of last year’s programs here.

In order to participate in the DOU, the following requirements need to be met:
1) Each event must involve at least two different faith or ethical communities (i.e. Christians and Muslims, Jews and Sikhs, etc).
2) You are responsible for organizing the event as well as for promoting the event within your networks.
3) Appoint a liaison that will work with us to ensure a smooth event as well as help us spread the word effectively.

For more information about the DOU or for any questions you may have, please email Symi at: [email protected]