As we reflect back on 2022, were so grateful for the generosity and kindness of supporters like you. Your partnership in promoting an inclusive DC metro area inspires us as we continue to create spaces, opportunities and resources for interfaith engagement. 

Because of you, we are one step closer to creating a region where people of all religions and cultures are welcomed and appreciated. This sense of solidarity enabled us to move forward in building a better community for all. 

IFC’s interfaith dialogues facilitated understanding and compassion: After the dialogue I know more about the challenges each side faces and I feel a stronger urge to interact with other faith communities and show up to help.” 

IFC’s speakers enriched gatherings where leaders addressed key social issues: “The support, encouragement, expertise and contributions helped bring a rich and substantial conversation that was critical to the (peacemaking) workshop’s and the conference’s success.” 

IFC’s public celebrations cultivated joy and learning: “The entire Unity Walk was very uplifting and inspiring. Every group I met was so informative and I loved learning about so many organizations and religious groups.” 

Today, we’re embarking on our year-end fundraising campaign so that we can realize our impact goals of advancing religious and cultural understanding; increasing interfaith cooperation; and deepening skills to engage across difference. 

We‘re reaching out to you because, as we plan for 2023, we invite you to invest in us as you have before. Your gift will support us in bringing religious literacy to new communities, developing innovative dialogue resources, and strengthening bonds between faith communities to stand up for each other when times are tough. 

Please help us meet these goals by making a generous contribution to IFC by December 31st. Doing so will ensure that we can follow through on our plans. Donate today!

With gratitude and blessings,

Suzy Hirsch, Interim Executive Director 

Lee Bachu, Board Chairperson

P.S. With your investment, we pledge to build the kind of community that welcomes and values the richness of our region’s religious and cultural diversity and offers safety for all!