Pre-Service Havdalah service (Miriam Israel) 
Havdalah is a Jewish religious ceremony that marks the symbolic end of Shabbat and ushers in the new week. The ritual involves lighting a special havdalah candle with several wicks, blessing a cup of wine and smelling sweet spices. Shabbat ends on Saturday night.

Welcome from Symi Rom-Rymer, IFC Outreach Director and Rev. David Lindsey, IFC Executive Director

Open Mic 

Workshops Block 1
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Cooking with Semiha Biyik and Br. Andrew Corriente
During this cooking session we will highlight how food is used across all religions as a way to celebrate culture, mark traditions and practice rituals. This workshop is meant to serve as an introduction to specific faiths through dishes that have special meaning to its chefs. In this workshop you will not only learn new recipes, you will also learn about the contexts in which they are prepared and the role they play in the faith practices of our workshop leaders. For more about the dishes and the recipes, click here.

Art with Miriam Israel
During this art session we will highlight and emphasize how art can be used therapeutically to combat the many ills and challenges that one may face when doing the work of liberation. This process will combine traditional and contemporary approaches to art psychotherapy. 

Meditation & Yoga with Nuvin Krishna Das
This year’s meditation and yoga session will focus on transformation. Transformation Meditation is a scientifically oriented practical application of meditation techniques. It includes the understanding of how the mind and body react to stress and how meditation philosophy and practice can be applied to everyday life to improve overall health and productivity, and unfold inner peace.

Workshops Block 2 (information below is subject to change)

Race & Justice: Blacks and Minority Religious Communities
Moderated by Rev. Trey Daniel in conversation with Eme Martin and Chris Martin and Hladini
This conversation examines the relationship between blacks and their religious communities. It also will serve as a reference for understanding the unique relationship between blacks and their practicing faith traditions. This conversation will lend to a deeper grasp of the Summit’s theme: Liberation through first hand accounts and testimonies from those who were once oppressed.

Race & Justice: Advocacy Against Religious Discrimination
Led by Utsav Chakravarti, Johanna Mustafa, and Joseph Simons
In this workshop, we will combat religious discrimination by bring about its awareness through community engagement. This conversation serves as an initiative designed to promote religious freedom, challenge religious discrimination, and enhance our efforts to combat religion-based hate violence and crimes. It will help us to better understand the barriers of religious discrimination and the challenges to religious freedom they face in their communities. 

Faith and Community: Immigration
Moderated by Vivek Gupta in conversation with Niranjan Adhikari, Taniel Koushakjian, Deborah Choi
Immigration has become a flash point in our politics. It is highly personal for a wide variety of reasons. This conversation is an opportunity to listen to each other’s experiences around this issue. Increased understanding can be a foundation for better relationships and even solutions. Joining us will be a lawyer who represents immigrant clients and who will provide insight and knowledge to help us get more engaged and involved.

Keynote Address: Rev. Jazmine Brooks
Rev. Jazmine Brooks, more affectionately known as Rev. Jaz, is the proud pastor of Macedonia AME Church in Accomac, Virginia. She serves as the Program Director for the Office of Inclusive Excellence at Mary Baldwin University and co-facilitates the African-American Religious History course with an emphasis on the lineage of resistance. Her work includes cross-cultural programming, leadership and professional development, civic, social, and community engagement, academic support, and advocacy.

Closing Discussion
Led by Gary Walker and Rev. Trey Daniel