DMV (DC Maryland, Virginia) INTERFAITH SUMMIT JANUARY 26, 2019; American University School of International Service; 10 am – 5:15 pm

Our theme this year is:

How do young adults with religious, ethical and cultural values contribute to building a [stronger, united, inclusive, equitable, just] DMV?

The only multi-faith conference for young leaders in the DMV area, this annual event draws participants from a variety of religious, ethical and cultural traditions dedicated to building newer and stronger relationships with each other and their communities.

Open to all between ages 18-39

Workshop titles coming soon!


Why is the summit on a Saturday? Will this preclude the Jewish community from participating??

Every year we gather feedback from participants on how we can improve or adjust the format to reach our communities needs. We have lengthy conversations on this feedback and have adjusted many things over the years.

We have heard for many years that meeting on Sundays makes it hard or even impossible for clergy or other communal religious leaders to participate. Saturday is Shabbat for our Jewish siblings, and holiday Mondays are difficult as not everyone gets the same days off and hosting the summit on a work day would exclude the vast majority of our regular participants.

Taking into consideration all of this feedback, we decided to start rotating between Saturday and Sunday to accommodate various community needs. Our team is working to secure nearby housing for Friday night and make appropriate workshop adjustments to support communities and individuals who will be observing Shabbat.

Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever on the workshop format or topics. We also LOVE connecting new people, so if you have an idea and want a partner let us know. Please contact Cassandra Lawrence, Summit Coordinator, at [email protected].




To view a sample schedule from a recent summit (2017), click here.

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