“Ask me Anything” A Faith-Based Human Library (1.5 hours)
This introductory workshop, based on the Human Library concept, will enable participants to learn and better understand different faith traditions and practices through intimate small group conversations with individuals from various religious communities. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about any number of topics including, faith practice, food and clothing customs, traditional symbols, major holidays, etc. By connecting with the lived experience of other faiths, participants will increase their ability to relate to diverse individuals and communities and to challenge prejudice and stereotypes within their personal and professional spheres. 

Religion 101 (1.5 hours)
This workshop includes two 20 minute video presentations on different religions, including historical background, concepts of the Divine, forms of worship and core beliefs and values. The presentations will be followed by Q & A with practitioners from those traditions. The session will conclude with small group reflections on what was heard and how it relates to the participants’ own experience.

Who Am I? Seeing Ourselves and Our Community Through a Religious Lens (1.5 hours)
This session will focus on how participants and others in the community relate to religious belief and practice. It will include sharing personal stories about how religion, in all its complexity, has shaped and moved us to live and act in the world. This workshop will deepen participants understanding of themselves and others. Participants will have a chance to share personal stories and engage in active listening.  

Religious Perspectives on Social Issues (1.5 hours)
This session will offer a 3-4 person panel of diverse faith practitioners who will reflect on a contemporary social issue chosen by the workshop host. The panel will be followed by a Q & A session and small group discussions on what was heard and how it relates to participants’ personal experience.

“Why is That Offensive?” Breaking Down Faith-Based Stereotypes and Misconceptions (1.5 hours)
This session will focus on faith-based stereotypes and misconceptions and how to effectively respond when encountered in our everyday lives. It will include a discussion about common stereotypes, the different ways they show up in today’s discourse and why they are so hurtful. We will also address ways to mitigate the harm to foster a more inclusive and welcoming community.


For more information about our Religious and Cultural Literacy Workshops and how to host a workshop, please email Symi Rom-Rymer, Outreach Director at: [email protected].