Forty years ago – in 1978 – IFC was born of the conviction that diversity only strengthens the unity of our communities. Today, the need for transformational unity is even more important.

This 40th anniversary year, we are renewing our efforts to build an inclusive interfaith community so that one day people of all religions will feel welcomed, respected, and appreciated for their common values and for their diverse beliefs and practices.


40th Anniversary Campaign of Hope and Renewal: Gift Opportunities                                                                    

1) Naming Gift for IFC Center

2) Moving and Capital Costs (in connection with IFC’s possible move of its HQ)

3) Dedication of Named Office Areas:

Director’s Office                                      $50,000
Interfaith Power and Light Office            $40,000
Program Office                                       $25,000
Reception Lounge                                  $15,000
Pillars (2)                                                 $10,000

4) 40th Anniversary Renewal Fund Donors* Donors will be listed on a large permanent plaque/display)

        $4000   Bridge Builders
         $400     Support Columns
         $40       Building Blocks

5) Program Underwriters*: Programs include the following:

IFC Unity Walk
Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Service
WIROC (Washington Interfaith Response and Outreach Coalition)
Dinner Dialogue Series
Leadership Summit (for interfaith leaders under the age of 40)
STAR/Speakers’ Bureau
Emergency Directory
Annual Interfaith Concert

*Program Underwriters and Renewal Funders may choose to direct funds to programs as follows:

  • $400 for the 40th year for any single program
  • $4000 to underwrite a program for five years
  • $10,000 or more to underwrite three programs for five years

(Major Gifts may be made over multiple years)


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