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Facing the COVID-19 Challenge with Empathy and Compassion

April 10 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Rumi Forum is proud to launch the Coffee Night speaker series. Needless to say, coffee has had a significant place in our lives for ages. Most of us maintain a strong habit of starting the day with it. Some use it anytime, anywhere to boost energy and for many, the popularity of coffee is given. However, what coffee introduces into our lives is not limited to keeping us awake and serving the purpose of a caffeine boost, but also it also characterizes an integral part of social culture.

We often say “Let’s have a cup of coffee” to imply “Let’s have a conversation”. Coffee facilitates many fruitful exchanges, giving it an invaluable place regardless of the context. That being said, we believe that nothing beats a nice relaxed conversation and invite you both to relieve ourselves over a cup of coffee and to stimulate our minds with various light-hearted talks. Prominent speakers from a variety of backgrounds will be part of this series and all together we will have enriched conversations.

Free and Open to the Public – Registration Required 


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