I am originally from Buffalo, and I am angry.  A delusional young man has rained evil hatred on my fellow Buffalonians.  He has fed, as our President said yesterday, on the “hate that remains a stain on the soul of America.”  And others, just as misguided, have followed suit and killed more innocent human beings – living, breathing, loving and beloved human beings.  This will not stop unless we  – you and I – take steps to stop it.

There are multiple ways for well-meaning, decent people to confront and ultimately stop this blight on our nation.  One way I will make a difference is to speak – no, shout – from the rooftops that it is time for us all to link arms and embrace the very same differences that these extremists want to use to turn us against one another.  We may not look alike or pray alike, but we are all united in our humanity.

That is why I am committed to the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington (IFC), first as a board member and now as the Acting Managing Director. Founded 40 years ago, IFC, has been described by The Washington Post as “one of the most dynamic, diverse inter-religious coalitions in the United States.”  Made up of 11 different historic faith communities including: Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Jewish, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Muslim, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Sikh, and Zoroastrian faiths, IFC brings people together to speak with one voice against those who wish to tear us apart. 

Steadfast in our commitment to building a region where people of all faiths are valued and respected. we strive to foster a religiously and culturally inclusive region by: 

  • Standing in solidarity with communities and individuals victimized by hate/bias crimes or discrimination; 
  • Modeling respectful  dialogue across division; 
  • Lifting up diverse voices in our region through grassroots interfaith and multi-cultural programs;
  • Championing the next  generation of passionate interfaith leaders; and 
  • Convening  a network for faith leaders that strengthens unity while celebrating diversity and expresses a unified voice of spiritual concern on issues of common interest.

If you are as furious as I am, join me in this work to heal our fractured country. Step up; speak out; get involved. Help us amplify your voice at this critical moment by supporting IFC’s work today to bring people together in solidarity, both during times of crisis and times of calm, by making the most generous contribution you can. 

The very fabric of our country depends on each one of us doing our part to help ensure that unity and peace prevail.

Suzanne Hirsch
IFC Action Managing Director