Programs and Presenters


Bringing Presence to those most vulnerable, Sunday, June 14th, 4-5:30 pm (watch video here)

Jackie DeCarlo, Quaker – Executive Director, Manna (confirmed)

David Balto, Jewish – Hospital Chaplain (confirmed)

Fazia Deen, Muslim – Prison ministry (confirmed)


Creating Meaning: Sunday, May 31st, 4-5:30 pm (watch video here)

Rose Berger, Roman Catholic, Sojourners magazine associate editor – (confirmed)

Dr. Rajwant Singh, Sikh Leader, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation – (confirmed)

Nadim van de Fliert, Baha’i Leader – (confirmed)

Moderated by Debra Linick, Jewish


Building Resilience: Sunday, May 3rd, 4-5:30 pm (watch video here)

Dr. Kari O’Grady, LDS – Professor (confirmed)

Jayne Sutton, Buddhist- IFC Executive Board member (confirmed)

LJ, Catholic, Director of Faith Formation – St. John the Baptist Catholic Community (confirmed)


1.5 hour dialogues taking place over Zoom and will include:

– Panel presentation with 3 people of different faith traditions
– Q & A with panelists
– Small group dialogues of 6-8 people
– Report out from small groups