The violence, The hatred
There’s no easy way to say this
You see me as a stranger
You see me as a danger
Lock our doors
Close our borders
Defend a false sense of order
Build a wall, bombs, and guns
To protect us from anyone

The wrong country, race or religion
Socio-economic condition
Loves the wrong person,
Supports the wrong vision
Wrong sex, wrong gender
Wrong political position

Turn our head to causalities
Refugees, Hunger and Disease
Distract ourselves with shopping sprees
Paid for with our blood money
Is this what it means to truly be free?
Silently complicit, to the pain we can’t see?

So let’s put the beauty back in religion
Let’s all remember our unity, not division
Let’s try to make some better decisions
Let’s build a compassionate world

Let’s open our door
To a person with a different face
Let’s worship with
Somebody of a different faith
We are all a product of
This systematic hate
Let’s rewrite a more compassionate fate

We’re all part of the human race

We’re all part of the human race
By Geneva Blackmer, IFC Intern