IFC is truly “on the move.” Last week, the IFC staff officially moved our office with assistance from the Young Elders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are now located at the site of Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. Our new Metro-accessible address is 900 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001. (Donations sent to the old address will be forwarded to the new location, but for any mail that you send moving forward, please do use the new address. Our phone number remains the same.)

We’ve enjoyed being at St. Paul’s Rock Creek Episcopal Church for over a decade, and they have been gracious hosts and landlords. Still, the new location brings the IFC downtown to a streamlined office suite while also cutting our expenses.

This move symbolizes much of what is happening at the IFC right now. In addition to the literal move, there is a great deal of metaphorical movement happening in our organizational life. The ongoing pandemic continues forcing us to adapt our programmatic life. The Unity Walk was a hybrid online / in-person event, and it came together beautifully thanks to so many volunteers. Thanks also go to the IFC staff, especially Symi Rom-Rymer, for working hard behind the scenes to have a successful event.

Unfortunately, this time of change has also meant a significant loss in our community. Earlier this month, longtime Board member Dr. Sovan Tun passed away after an extended illness. For decades, Sovan worked to lead the Cambodian community in the DC area, including the Cambodian Buddhist Society. His family was touched to see several of  you at the services, and they have expressed their gratitude for your support of their family during this difficult time. 

In Sovan’s Buddhist tradition, death is not so much the end as it is a transition to a new beginning. In its own way, the IFC is moving into a new beginning, a rebirth of our own. We are entering into a new office; we are reinventing our programs for the modern era; and we are launching new initiatives to serve the community. Thanks to each and every one of you for your support in making this happen, with donations, prayers, volunteerism, good thoughts, and more.

As we at the IFC enter this new season, I find myself carrying both grief and hope. Grief for losing Sovan, and for losing so much and so many amid the pandemic. Hope that a brighter future is unfolding before us, being fashioned by powers larger than ourselves. May the days to come bring renewed courage, joy, and vigor for each of our faith communities, and indeed, for our whole region.

Rev. Dr. David Lindsey
October 20, 2021