Around the table, over a simple meal, people of diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds come together to share food and offer their views on life and meaning. Participants are grouped in host’s homes in an effort to achieve religious diversity (the diversity of each group tends to reflect the demographics of our region). A trained facilitator appointed by IFC guides the discussion so that all feel welcome. Those gathered share around specific questions while the others listen in a spirit of openness and curiosity. This year’s dialogue theme is “Welcoming the Stranger: Opening Our Hearts to the Unknown and Other” and will give those gathered a chance to share their own stories and listen to others relate theirs.

How it Works

Hosts volunteer through IFC to provide space for 6-8 to gather in their home for a shared meal and dialogue, and they serve as the point of contact for the group. Approximately 2 weeks in advance they will be given further instructions about what needs to be communicated to the group.

Facilitators are trained by IFC and they guide each group discussion. Based on resource material provided by IFC, they moderate the conversation in a way that creates a safe space for all to share and listen.

Participants register through IFC to be placed in a host home for a grassroots interfaith dinner dialogue. They will receive more information from their host approximately 2 weeks in advance of the dialogue.

All share a meal and dialogue together around thought provoking questions based on broad themes present in nearly all faith traditions and worldviews. Hosts will instruct participants as to how the food will be handled.

Registration Cost: $10

IFC-Organized Spring 2017 Dinner Dialogues took place on Sunday, May 7th and 21st from 6-8 pm in hosts’ homes throughout the DC region. Registration is now closed for 2017. If you would like to be placed on a contact list for next year, contact us at [email protected].

If you wish to organize your own Dinner Dialogue at a time of your choosing you can request to use IFC’s Resource Material,  here.

Click here to get a glimpse of our 2017 dialogues.

For more information contact: [email protected]